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3D digital dentistry is an all-encompassing term used to describe the branch of dentistry that visualizes all three dimensions of the teeth and surrounding structures. In the past, 2D imaging was the only option, often resulting in misdiagnosis due to missing information.

About 3D Digital Dentistry

The dentists at Tennessee Family Dental have several 3D imaging systems on site that allow us to provide a more accurate diagnosis and better quality dentistry on a consistent basis. Step into a world that uses 3D imaging and cutting-edge technology to visualize your teeth, jaw bone, and surrounding structures.

3D Cone Beam CT imaging

Cone Beam CT (or CBCT—Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a medical imaging technique used by our dentists on a daily basis in treatment planning and diagnosis. CBCT allows us to plan the step-by-step process in implant dentistry, navigate difficult root canals, visualized impacted wisdom teeth, screen patients who are high risk for sleep apnea, and identify causes of TMJ pain. We have CBCT technology at our Brentwood, Green Hills, and Lebanon offices because we believe that our patients deserve the best.

3D Airway Analysis

Sleep apnea screening can be performed using CBCT by visualizing the anatomy of the upper airway. This 3D airway analysis highlights areas of narrowing that may contribute to sleep apnea. Our dentists are able to use this screening process to identify patients who are high risk for sleep apnea due to the anatomy of their airway. A sleep apnea test is then ordered for high risk patients to determine if the patient suffers from sleep apnea. Many of our patients claim that this 3D airway analysis screening process helped “save their life,” as it was the first step in receiving treatment for this potentially fatal condition.

CEREC Digital Impressions

Improved accuracy and better fitting dental restorations are made possible with digital impressions. Our dentists at Green Hills and Lebanon utilize CEREC digital impression cutting-edge technology to create a virtual model of the teeth and surrounding tissue. This 3D digital technology captures highly accurate impression data without the need for traditional impressions, which can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and messy. The impression data is sent to our in-house dental lab, Deuce-One Dental Lab, that will begin making your custom crown under the guidance and supervision of your Tennessee Family Dental dentist. The dentist is able to evaluate the design of the crown before it is finalized and has the ability to see exactly what the crown will look like on the tooth – in 3D! Experience digital dental impressions. Experience the future of dentistry.

How we can help

Tennessee Family Dental believes in using 3D imaging systems that allow our dentists to provide you with a better overall patient experience. Our leading-edge technology can help our dentists diagnose your dental condition more accurately leaving you confident in your treatment decision. Schedule now for your free smile consultation.

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