Our treatment philosophy is to maximize comfort for our patients.

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of reasons why patients dread going to the dentist. Most patients can agree that the fear of dental pain during the procedure is #1 on their list of reasons to avoid the dentist office. The thought of experiencing pain leads to a lot of apprehension and anxiety. At Tennessee Family Dental, we have identified the causes of discomfort during dental procedures and have found ways to effectively manage them.

About Pain-Free Dentistry

The primary cause of dental pain is the delivery of the anesthetic (the “shot” or “injection”). Why should the very thing that is meant to prevent pain actually end up causing pain?

Our philosophy is that if our dentists can profoundly numb the tooth without causing pain during the delivery of the anesthetic, then our patients will experience little to no discomfort. We achieve this in three ways: the speed in which the anesthetic is administered (the slower the better), the use of non-epinephrine anesthetic initially (the epinephrine is what causes the “burning sensation” at first) and the warming of the anesthetic to body temperature (cold anesthetic stings). Those are our secrets to success and why most of our patients do not even realize we have given them an anesthetic.

Pain management is one of the top reasons why our patients choose Tennessee Family Dental as their dental home. As part of our “pain-free guarantee,” our dentists are committed to only perform dental work if the patient is completely numb. Our dentists will find a way to effectively anesthetize the area without causing you pain.

During your dental appointment, you will be gently numbed with a local anesthetic in the area of the mouth where your dentist is working. The local anesthetic in combination with one of our dental sedation options is an effective way to manage your dental anxiety and guarantee a pain-free dental experience. We have different sedation levels, including laughing gas sedation and oral conscious sedation, for different types of dental anxiety.

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