Cosmetic Dentistry

Transforming your smile into the smile of your dreams is possible with cosmetic dentistry.
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Renew confidence in your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Studies have shown that confidence in your smile affects your self-esteem and your overall quality of life. Our team of dentists at Tennessee Family Dental emphasizes several cosmetic procedures, including dental bondingporcelain crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlaysporcelain veneersteeth whitening, and even smile makeovers, where we help our patients rehabilitate or reconstruct their smile. Our dentists practice metal-free dentistry for all of our cosmetic dental procedures.

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About Cosmetic Dentistry

Selecting a qualified cosmetic dentist to transform your smile can be quite the challenge. There are several considerations to be aware of when making your decision, including cost, technique, and treatment philosophy.


We pride ourselves as being one of the top dental offices in Nashville, Tennessee, in terms of affordability and quality. Our dentists deliver consistent cosmetic dentistry results at an affordable price. We understand that no one likes financial surprises at the end of treatment, and we avoid this by giving our patients a detailed cost breakdown at their initial consultation. We even offer third-party financing options.


Transforming smiles is no easy business. We have invested in leading-edge technology, allowing us to deliver the highest standard of care for our patients. Our technique involves a detailed, comprehensive evaluation at your initial visit, during which we discuss your primary concerns. You talk, we listen. In this initial consultation, we utilize 3D digital dentistry technology, giving you the most accurate treatment plan for your cosmetic procedure. After the initial consultation, we begin treatment with your primary concerns in mind, and we are finished only when you are completely satisfied with your new smile.

Treatment Philosophy

Before you commit to a dentist to perform your cosmetic dental procedure, you should request a “sneak peak” at the final product. With our Smile Design Software, patients can see the end product before we begin treatment. Careful treatment planning and effective communication with our patients allows our dentists to deliver predictable, aesthetic results. Our philosophy is “start with the end in mind.”

Call your local Tennessee Family Dental office to find out how you can preview your treatment for clear braces, veneers, smile makeover, and even guided dental implants. Interested in a complimentary smile consultation? Reach out to one of our four offices to see if they offer the desired cosmetic dental procedure.

How we can help

The Tennessee Family Dental team has a conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry. Our highly-trained dentists utilize several treatment options to completely transform our patients’ smiles leaving them happy and healthy. Schedule now for your free smile consultation.

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