How to Pick a Dentist

Summer’s over and it’s that time of year again when everyone gets back in the swing of things. With school starting and work picking up, there’s no better time to head into the dentist for your yearly maintenance or to get those pesky problem teeth fixed. But, how do you choose the right dentist? Check out the tips below and find out:

“I’ve always said that finding the right dentist, is a lot like finding the perfect partner in life,” states Dr. Jerry L. Foxx. “You want someone kind, caring, that will meet your needs and will make it easy for you to have the best experience possible. It’s more important than ever to do the research and check out the dentist you are considering to make sure you find just the right doctor. These tips below should certainly help you move in the right direction.”

What Kind of Dentist Do You Need?
Not all dentists are created equal. There are many different distinctions within the dental community such as family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgeons etc. Doing a little research ahead of time to find the right type of dentist, will dramatically cut down the amount of time you spend on your search and help you get exactly what you need.

Always Check Their Credentials
There’s no substitute for experience and the proper credentials when it comes to working with any health professional and dentists are no exception. Be sure to ask how long the dentist has been in practice, what is his/her specialty, where did they receive their training and for referrals of current patients you can contact to get the “insider scoop”. Another great tip when looking for the insider scoop, is to check out websites like Yelp, City search, Facebook, etc. for the dentist/dental office and read the reviews and information that has been posted.

Ask About Insurance Acceptance and Payment Options
Let’s face it, no matter what kind of dentist you are looking for if they don’t take your insurance or provide you with a payment plan that meets your needs, then why would you choose them. In tough economic times like these, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your financial requirements are being met, along with your health needs.

Check Out The Location and Hours
No matter how great the dentist and staff is at the office you have chosen, if you can never get there, it’s just not going to work. Be sure to check out the office location, hours of operation and figure out how easy it will be for you to make your appointment.

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