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Are you looking for professional teeth whitening to brighten up your smile? Tennessee Family Dental provides excellent whitening services for patients in Nashville, Brentwood, Creive Hall and nearby! We’re located in Nippers Corner next to Publix. Click to here schedule a new appointment today!

Teeth Whitening in Nashville
Teeth Whitening at Tennessee Family Dental

A healthy and white smile gives the appearance of good health and beauty, so it only makes sense that teeth whitening is one thing you might want to look into having done. There are a few things you might want to learn about tooth whitening if you are not entirely familiar with this process.

When you visit your local Nashville dentist, you will be able to have your teeth whitened within about an hour’s time. During this time, a mixture of potent ingredients is put onto the tooth’s enamel and will be cured using a bright light. Your gums are protected from damage or sensitivity caused by the whitening products being used. This whitening treatment will normally take about an hour and you will notice a difference in the way your smile looks after you are finished in the dental chair.The type of whitening you should expect really depends on how stained or yellowed your teeth currently are.
If your teeth are very badly stained, you will still see them whiten, but not to the extent that you might see for celebrities and Hollywood moguls. Before sitting in the chair and having the whitening procedure done, your dentist, Dr. Ryan O’Neill, will be able to discuss everything with you so that you know what to expect and what you will be getting out of the treatment. For the majority of people who have their teeth whitened professionally, they are amazed and extraordinarily happy with the results that have been achieved.If you feel that your teeth should be whitened and that you’d like that much-needed boost of confidence, be sure to contact Dr. Ryan O’Neill in Nashville to learn more and schedule a consultation.
Teeth whitening is such a popular in-office procedure because of how well it works and because of the fact that it can literally transform the way you feel about your smile. There is no need to feel badly about the way your teeth look when Dr. Ryan O’Neill can remove years’ worth of stains in only one hour. You will feel confident and comfortable showing off your smile once you have your teeth whitened in a professional dental office.
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